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Steve has been drumming with our infant aged children for two years now. Not only do our little ones love his sessions, using the huge variety of drums and instruments, they love performing for their parents too - an element we include within each five week block.

We find that the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural elements of our school curriculum are redefined through these practical workshops. The children learn about other cultures and particular embed the African links that we have as part of our International School work. There is only so much that books and internet research can teach our children, the drumming sessions give children and adults alike a real insight into music across our diverse planet.

Each session sees the class work as a team and when musicians come together, something magical happens as unique children incorporate their own creative style with that of others to create a brand new sound. Our parents love to report that they hide the saucepans after the weekly session!

The children have built up their esteem and this is in the heart of our mission statement. Achievement in life is rooted in self-confidence, the very part of what we hold dear. Steve's music sessions focus on interaction and helping participants discover the music that lies within themselves.

The workshops have improved co-ordination and fine motor skills – the drumming workshops are practical, and children have learnt to play simple rhythms and/or melodies on a wide range of instruments.

Our children have had rich opportunities to express themselves. We always place great emphasis on inclusion; and all children get the opportunity to learn and reproduce the skills they have gained in the session, leaving them feeling motivated, confident and inspired,

Louise Johnson – Head of School Wickford C of E School

I believe our students get a lot from drumming. They develop a sense of rhythm, a love of music and an understanding of another culture. They learn different ways to play the drums and they apply some of the skills they learn in drumming across the curriculum.

For example, they will bang the beats of different syllables in words or count how many syllables they can hear. The children are all enthusiastic about drumming and they love having the opportunity to showcase their work to their families.

Annie Bristow - Teacher at Wickford C of E School


"The assembly has received so many wonderful comments from parents and staff. It was a brilliant example of the work that you have been doing! Our children are so lucky to have had such an enriching experience, we are thrilled!” Louise Johnson Wickford Church of England Infants School"


" I have had so many positive comments about the percussion workshop …….., the balance and content of the time was excellent - there was a good blend of spiritual foundations, musical theory, and practical work which, blended with your infectious enthusiasm and energy, meant that people aged 3-68 all enjoyed and benefitted from it. It really felt like a special time for the church, and we now have to discover where to take it all next!" King’s Church Upminster April 2011

"….a big thank you for such a great party on Sunday – we have had some very positive feedback, the children (and parents) really enjoyed your session. Well done for keeping them entertained and focused for so long!!" Rochelle Gould Playscheme Co-ordinator Noah's Ark Playscheme . December 2010

"Many thanks again for a great session at Pre-school. The children and staff really loved it and I have tried to incorporate some basic drumming into our Christmas concert. We look forward to asking you to come back in the new year ". Diane Allmark Lollipops Pre-School December 2010.


Open Arts Showcase March 2009
Many thanks for doing the workshops they were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Best wishes Kirsten Heydinrych Arts Co-ordinator Open Arts.


(Saturday 5th July) Family Day event at Sutton with Shopland Music Festival
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work on Saturday. I had a great day and thought it was a great success. Lots of people loved the drumming workshops and are asking for more next year.
Emily Malcolm, Arts Development Officer.

(Saturday 19 July) Rayleigh Family Fun Day, 11am - 4pm, King George V Playing Field
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work at the Fun Day, every time I came by the tent, you were engrossed in a session, so didn't actually get to introduce myself. It looked like everyone was having a great time, Lynn.
Lynn Lee,Co-ordinato, Fun Day 2008,on behalf of Rayleigh Christian Ministries.

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