Different Drum In Education

"Rhythm is in all of us. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, all you need is the right inspiration to find it."  (Remo D. Belli)

Different Drum at School Different Drum at School

Different Drum is a different, accessible and hands-on ‘event’ that gives a chance for children from Early Years onwards to have a musical (and rhythmic) experience and share the wonder of playing percussive music together and is based around a group-drumming workshop commonly called a Drum Circle.

Cost is flexible and open to negotiation e.g. £100 for Half Day, £190 for Whole Day – but happy to discuss!

Different Drum could be:

A variety of hand drums and percussion instruments from around the world will be provided. Each day or event can be individually designed to suit your school’s needs and requirements.

I could also provide opportunities for staff including:

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